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Yashira Santiago


A little about me...

Likes: Coffee | Cool Weather | Hallmark Movies | Beauty of nature | Reggaeton 

Guilty Pleasures: Target | Starbucks | A Good Book | Dark Chocolate

Aesthetics: Modern Boho Chic | Warm Tones | Lived in colors 

The story...

I'm Yashira Santiago (she/her) and I am the owner/founder of Whispering Beauty Salon. As a wife,  proud mother of two, Latina, and woman owned I've learn that one should embrace their inner beauty journey with their outer beauty. 

My Pride & Joy Whispering Beauty Salon resides in Bethlehem, PA in a private suite with loads of privacy. My career started when I quickly realized my love & passion for artistry. My journey now continues with all the experiences and lessons throughout the years. I've had the extreme pleasure of being able to learn many techniques from different brands. 


I see the standards of beauty different, no two heads or faces are the same. My goal is to do more than achieve an inspiration photo but I see my role as your stylist to create a long-term plan for the style & health of your hair. Health of the scalp and hair are one of my top priorities for each guest. I value honesty, trust, and quality over quantity. 


After years of being a licensed professional in the art of hair & makeup I have been so honored to be able to connect with my guests. I continue my education to reinforce my skills and keep up to date on what's new in the industry to keep a fresh perspective on your look.


Whispering Beauty Salon believes in an atmosphere where all feel invited, safe, valued, and have the ability to share their unique perspectives.  


I am so excited to take this journey with you all.


Pink Powder

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